01) Inspirational guidelines for career guidance games development

In line with project application the IO1 outputs were done in EN version only.

1.1) Desk research guidelines
1.2) Career guidance theories related to vocational choice for pupils aged 12-14 and testing based on the theories
1.3) Career game based learning related theories for pupils aged 12-14
1.4) Online career games for pupils aged 12-14
1.5) National career guidance information and frameworks of occupation, skills and competencies
1.6) European classification of occupations, skills and competencies
1.7) International brainstorming session

C-Game has been developed step by step and the brainstorming sessions have been held continuously throuth the project run.

1.8) Inspirational guidelines for development of career guidance games

02) Occupational profiles

2.1) Selection of occupation
2.2) Occupational descriptors
2.3) Guidelines for occupation description
2.4) Description of 600 occupation in EN
2.5) National language versions of 600 occupations

03) C-Game online

3.1) Two interest self-assessment tools

a) 1st level self-assessment quiz

b) Image test inherited into the C-Game online

3.2) Measuring changes in perception of career orientation
3.3) C-Game conceptual and logical framework
3.4) C-Game graphical design
3.5) Development of C-Game software application in English

See the C-Game programming online https://play.c-game.eu/

3.6) Internal testing of C-Game online in en

Testing has been done in all languages because the game was from the beginning programmed in all languages. Therefore see poing 3.8)

3.7) C-Game in national languages – all languages – https://play.c-game.eu
3.8) Internal testing of C-Game in national languages
3.9) C-Game piloting guidelines – Piloting guidelines online
3.10) Two users´ feedback questionnaires
3.11) Reports from C-Game piloting in schools and other institutions working with pupils

Course of pilot testing from the point of view of statistics

3.12) Adjusting C-Game according comments from piloting

04) Two C-Game users´ handbooks

C-Game main dissemination events and final conferences

C-Game publicity