The following forms, which are part of this document, are used to document the pilot validation process and the feedback from pupils and facilitators.

Form No. 1:      C-Game pilot verification progress report

The form is intended for facilitators who actively manage the pilot verification process. The facilitator fills it in with each group event with pupils.

Download the form No. 1 – Print 1x for each group of pupils

Form No. 2:      Participants of the C-Game pilot verification

The header of the form is filled in by the facilitator. Pupils fill in with hand their first name, achieved number of inhabitants, and achieved satisfaction of the inhabitants.  The Form No 2 is used to document the number of pupils and facilitators involved (adults present). Student codes are not listed here. 

Download the form No. 2 – Print 1x for each group of pupils

Form No. 3:      My choice of profession

The facilitator asks the pupils to fill in this questionnaire twice:

  1. before entering the game; and
  2. after the end of the game.        

Pupils can complete the questionnaire online or in paper-pencil form or online.

Form No. 3 for printing Download the form No. 3  – Print 2x for each pupil.

Online Form No. 3 available in following languages:

In order to maintain anonymity and at the same time the need to match the two questionnaires filled in by one pupil, the facilitator must ensure that each pupil fills in both questionnaires with the same code.  This is valid for both printed and online Form No. 3.