To check the gameplay and all functions of the C-Game, its pilot verification will take place.

Among the C-game pilot testers will be pupils aged 12-14, and their teachers, career guidance counsellors, and teachers of career education etc., which we call “facilitators”.

In piloting can be involved schools from following countries and languages. This means that, even you are not located in the following countries but can speak the language you can be part of our pilot participants.

There is also English version:

Dates of piloting will depend on the completion of the game and its internal piloting. So far, we suppose that external piloting will occur till the end of September 2022. You can learn the course of the pilot verification here:

NEW: Feedback questionnaire for all that played G-Game:

Share your C-Game experience with us through the feedback questionnaire. Thank you very much in advance..

NEW: Feedback questionnaire for G-Game facilitators with C-Game experience:

If you are interested in C-Game pilot testing you can let us know your interest by filling in the following contact form. As soon as we know the date and conditions of the start of the pilot, we will let you know and invite you in time by e-mail.

Contact form for expressing interest in participating in the C-Game piloting

    Indicate your position:

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    We will use the data provided in this contact form only for the C-Game piloting and after its completion all data will be deleted.