A Assembles, adjusts and repairs equipment, machines, appliances
A Makes, processes, assembles manually and/or with manual tools
A Measures, evaluates, tests with measuring instruments and systems
A Invents and constructs new things, conducts research
B Examine, evaluates and controls people
B Teaches, educates, trains people
B Cares for people who need the care
B Treats and heal people
B Provides services to people, serves customers
B Offers goods to customers
B Listens to people, advises them, helps solve their problems
B Negotiates, convinces
B Performs in front of more people
B Invents workflows and makes plans
B Organizes people’s work
B Ensures security and order, protects people and property
C Grows plants
C Keeps and takes care on animals
C Protects nature and the environment
D Programmes and designs information systems
D Takes care of computers, programs, data, and help people work with them
D Inserts numbers, data, texts, and keeps records, and documentation
D Evaluates data sets, summarizes them in charts and reports
D Writes articles and books or judges, edits them
E Sings or plays musical instruments
E Creates artistically, creatively

The letters in the left column are for easier orientation only and have the following meaning:

A. Types of activities focused in particular on ‘things’

B. Types of activities aimed in particular at ‘people’

C. Types of activities focusing in particular on ‘fauna, flora and the environment’

D. Types of activities focusing in particular on ‘data, information and texts’

E. Types of activities focused on “art”