C-Game front page with game logo.
The game takes place in a city with empty building plots, each of which is dedicated to one of the 135 buildings that house companies looking for employers.
There is one company in each building. Its activities are briefly described and there is also a list of vacancies that the player has to fill.
Basic information on all of occupations is presented in a simple, short and readable form.
An advertisement must be filled in for each vacancy. The advertisement is compiled via communication messages between the Job portal and the player.
The Job portal asks questions. The player answers by choosing one of the options. Here the player answers whether the work activity is performed by the given profession.
And here the player has to answer the minimum education required by the given profession.
In the blue section under the heading Job portal, the player sees the progress in compiling the advertisement.
This means that the player has successfully completed the vacancy advertisement and at the same time it means that the vacancy is successfully filled by a new employee.