C-Game is an exciting ERASMUS+ project aimed at development of online C-Game for pupils aged 12-14 which introduce them occupations that might be of interest to them, broaden their labour market horizons, and encourage them to start their career orientation at an early age in order to be able to choose the relevant educational path. 

C-Game is ready for your experience. Follow the link and play!


Read about the C-Game secrets hidden in the game guides for facilitators and pupils to fully understand the game and save your time 🙂

C-Game guide for facilitators – EN

C-Game guide for pupils – EN

C-Game won National Career Guidance Awards!

C-Game was awarded the National Career Guidance Awards 2022 assigned by the Slovak and the Czech members of European Euroguidance network centeres.

Czech National Career Guidance Award, Prague, 30.11.2022
Slovak National Career Guidance Award, Bratislava, 11.10.2022